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Automation on own terms

Automation on own terms

"In the heated debate that surrounds technology, it is easy to forget that we have choices. Rather than believe that if something can be automated then it must be, as a society we must continue to ask what technology is for. And more importantly, how will it help us to achieve the goal of good work for all?"

RSA pick of the week

Benedict Dellot

Head of the RSA Future Work Centre

Benedict Dellot and Brhmie Balaram argue that we must rekindle a sense of pragmatic optimism which sees technology not as a threat, but as a force for human progress.

The Making of a Democratic Economy


Monday 19th November 2018 at 18:00

RSA House, London

What kind of economy is suited for living inside a democracy? Ted Howard of Democracy Collective discusses how we can expand the vision and reality of a democratic economy.

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